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etki Tech Network is an online community of international technologists abroad. To describe it amusingly and genuinely, we are grassroots, ideology-free, bloat-free, organic and 100% independent.

Founded in 2016, we started as a local meetup group for exchanging and networking among the Turkish speaking and international tech people in Germany.

Currently etki Tech Network is an international online community built for cooperation and exchange between Turkish speaking tech experts with migration background, also including international technologists. Our mission is set to be enabling and driving exchange, diversity and inclusion in the technology scene.

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Our projects ‍

💬 etki Forum

etki Forum is an open online platform for Turkish speaking technology professionals abroad, enabling a job posting plaform and to exchange about all things career and life abroad.

We are using the forum as a space converging all our career development and communication efforts into one place. Our job posts, official announcements, projects, workshops and business related events are being announced through the involvement of our forum.

In our forum we are welcoming Turkish speaking technologists from all countries and specialities in the fields of technology and STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics), where we meet, discuss and exchange value.

Most of our communication on etki Forum is happening in Turkish language, but we also have an English-only category where topics can be discussed in English language for enabling a communication interface.

 Join our forum (Pre-launch registration)

‍💻 etki_JS Remote Code Camp

etki_JS Remote Code Camp is an online program to study, learn and dive deep into modern web development, which is organized by etki Tech Network community together with ThoughtWorks and University of Helsinki.

As technology stack the students learn the most relevant and up-to-date technologies for modern web development, including Javascript, React, Node.JS, MongoDB, Express and GraphQL.

In the etki_JS course we run regular co-learning workshops for supporting the students' solo-learning efforts on the structured course material we have selected, in which students can ask their questions on the material to experienced software engineers, or discuss, co-study with their peers.

etki_JS courses are self-paced, 100% free of charges, and will run fully remote.

Both intermediate developers who want to dive deep into web development and beginner students are well-served with our selection of learning material.

Our course is planned to be on-going. Duration of the learning program will depend on the individual student's knowledge level and their pace.

As course material we follow the open-source programs of University of Helsinki's FullStackOpen, and other high quality learning materials from FreeCodeCamp and If students follow all the course material of ~100 hours diligently to finish the FullStackOpen program and deliver the course projects on top, they will be presented with an official completion certification from University of Helsinki.

Our mentors are English or Turkish speakers, students who speak English or Turkish are welcome. Main goal of this course is to provide a free and safe online learning environment for the underrepresented or underprivileged people in technology, and for the people who are looking into transitioning into the technology area.

 Join our coding workshops (Applications currently closed, due to high demand)

🏙️ etki Tech Meetups

We organize tech meetups for Turkish speaking and international tech enthusiasts based in Berlin, Germany. Our mission is fostering collaboration and exchange, reinforcing diversity and adding value to our city's technology ecosystems. We aim to conduct various productive events and workgroups in this context, in English and Turkish languages. We conduct 3 main types of meetup events.

  • HR events  :   Recruiting events in partnership with HR companies.
  • Networking  :   Recurring community gatherings.
  • Expert sessions  :   Workshops or talk sessions conducted by the experts in their fields.

 Our meetups on

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Code of Conduct

As community we follow the Berlin Code of Conduct, which is based on the pdx.rb Code of Conduct.